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CNC Machine Programming & Operating

We provide CNC Machine Programming and Operating training on CNC machine. Including brief knowledge about CNC machine fundamental, Tool Technology, CNC programming terminology, etc. we provide training on CNC Milling machine and CNC Lathe machine. We teach you from very beginning & in detail to make you perfect in real machining world.


  • Fundamental of CNC Machine
  • Different types of Operation & Process Parameters
  • Work Holding Devices
  • Work Locating Devices
  • Types of Tools & Cutters
  • Cutting Tool Selection Parameters
  • Calculating of Manufacturing Parameters
  • CNC Programming Terminology
  • Common "G" Codes & "M" Codes
  • Manual Programming on Machine Control Panel
  • CNC Milling Machine Operating
  • CNC Lathe Machine Operating
  • Develop Test Piece on CNC Machine
  • Project Work