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Jig & Fixture Design

The jigs and fixtures are the economical ways to produce a component in mass. So jigs and fixtures are used and serve as one of the most important facility of mass production system. These are special work holding and tool guiding device. Quality of the performance of a process largely influenced by the quality of jigs and fixtures used for this purpose. What makes a fixture unique is that each one is built to fit a particular part or shape. The main purpose of a fixture is to locate and in the cases hold a workpiece during an operation. A jig differs from a fixture in the sense that it guides the tool to its correct position or towards its correct movement during an operation in addition to locating and supporting the workpiece.


  • Introduction of jigs and fixtures
  • Purpose and advantages of jigs and fixtures
  • Important considerations while designing jigs and fixtures
  • Know the meaning and principles of location
  • Describe the different types of locations
  • Explain the clamping and its different type
  • Requirements of a good clamping device
  • Know the different types of clamps
  • Explain the jigs and their different types
  • Know about the milling fixtures